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We are proud of our work. You will fall in love with your photos and video

Welcome to VisualDo Films & Photography. Best Photographers in Kenya.
Each photo we take for you will remind you forever that you are beautiful and that you are loved.
Take a look through these photos and picture yourself in them.
VisualDo is Kenya top and best Photography Studio and Company in Nairobi, Kenya established in 2013.

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Simplicity is too simple to describe our style of wedding photography in Kenya, putting beautiful spaces in your wedding images. Best and most beautiful wedding photos in Kenya.
kenya's best wedding photographers

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We have an excellent photojournalism skill with a really beautiful sense of artistry for engagements and couples photos in Kenya.
kenya's best engagement photographers

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We seek creative compositions and trusts our instincts with out of the ordinary ideas when working with models in Kenya.
kenya's best model photographers

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We are on spot on the fun to capture amazing reactions in birthdays.
kenya's best birthday photographers

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We specializes in creating contemporary corporate portraits and business images for organizations.
kenya's best corporate photographers

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Trust your product & fine arts projects to VisualDo. Our quality work will showcase the beauty of your products.
kenya's best product photographers

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You love amazing, beautiful photos and portraits. We love taking them. Visit us at our studio.
kenya's best studio photographers

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We specializes in those beautiful maternity photos that you will forever remember.
kenya's best babybump photographers

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We specialize in newborn babies, kids and family photography.
kenya's best baby photographers

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Explore Kenya's best nature with our wildlife photography services.
kenya's best wildlife photographers

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Each photo we take for you will remind you forever that you are beautiful and that you are loved.


If you are looking for fun, energetic, and creative photographers, then you have come to the right place.
Overall we feel that your photo experience should highlight and accentuate the love you have for each other.
Our images will display your laughs, your friendships, and your tears.
If you are tired of photography that all looks the same, and would rather have images that tell your story, then you are in the right place.
We are so excited about creating your art and capturing your memories.


Where to Learn Photography and Videography in Kenya

    Where to Learn Photography and Videography in Kenya

    VisualDo School photography course will help you understand the basics of light and how your eye fixes lighting. How to get your camera to catch what your eye sees to produce better pictures. The lessons will also help you understand your camera and how to take pictures with it.

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    Top Venues and Grounds for Weddings in Kenya

      Top Venues and Grounds for Weddings in Kenya

      An ideal place to celebrate the wedding ceremony, and the reception, should cater for the couple, the family and friends’ needs. Major factor to look for include the space, quality of service, proximity to other places the entourage may visit during that day as well as the cost constraint.

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      Why do photographers pictures looks so good

        Why do photographers pictures looks so good

        “Wow! Your camera takes good pictures.” I’m sure you’ve heard this exact comment before. When you see an image that a photographer made, it just looks better and you don’t know how they did that. I can promise you that it isn’t because they have a much better camera. So what is the difference?

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        VISUALDO at a glance

        Kenya Best Studio for Photography - VisualDo Studio

        Kenya Best Studio for Photography - VisualDo Studio

        When you are ready for your Professional Studio Photoshoot in Kenya, this is where we make the magic happen! Our state of the art and modern studios are designed with you in mind. Whatever the type of shoot you want, we will do it for you at our studios. Simply call, email or text us and let us know what type of shoot you would like to book, along with the dates that is best for you. We will reserve time for your studio session. All sessions are private. The studio, photographer, producer and makeup artist (if included) are reserved just for you!

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        Candid Photojournalism by Joe

        Candid Photojournalism by Joe

        Sentimental and classic, family-oriented imagery with unique way of capturing special, spontaneous moments between loved ones. My portfolio is brimming with active portraiture that is both moving, imaginative, and seamlessly entwined with the natural elements of the beauty around you. I call my style “candid photojournalism”- a balance between the carefree and the guided, with attention to details in the surrounding and the uniqueness of each subject.This way am able to capture the best.

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        Cost of a Professional Photographer in Kenya

        Cost of a Professional Photographer in Kenya

        Professional photography prices in Kenya can either range from Ksh3,000 - Ksh50,000 per hour or charged per single case But as with anything else, Kenya photography packages can vary based on photographer's experience, nature of the photoshoot and location. Some top-shoot photographers can charge more than Ksh50,000 for covering destination photoshoots.

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